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Ethos Facials

Whether it’s sunny weekends sailing the Chesapeake, or cold winter winds blowing in from the water, Annapolis weather can be tough on your skin. Reboot your complexion with a restorative Ethos Facial. Our licensed estheticians use only the finest, plant-based skincare products to customize a treatment that’s perfect for your skincare challenges. We provide you with “try this at home” tips to keep your skin looking top-notch between visits.

Customized 90 Minute Anti-Aging Facial
Dry skin, fine lines, and blotchy skin tone can add years to your appearance. Restore your youthful glow with a facial designed to combat the signs of aging. Deeply moisturizing, our anti-aging facial boosts hydration, volume, and brightness.

90 minutes – $125

Customized Facial 30 Minute Deep Pore Cleanse
A popular pre-prom treatment, the Ethos deep pore cleanse works wonders on skin of any age. If clogged pores are causing breakouts, an uneven complexion, or a generally “dull” countenance, this dynamic mini-facial is for you.

30 minutes – $60

Ethos Perfectly Fitted Facial
Release your inner radiance with the Ethos custom-tailored organic facial, designed to address skin fluctuations throughout the year. Ethos uses handmade, organic skincare products that contain natural, pure vitamin infusions. These high antioxidant treatments address a variety of skin concerns, such as premature aging, sun damage, rosacea and blemishes.

90 minutes – $110