Ethos of Aannapolis  43 Lafayette Annapolis, Maryland 21401

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Recent Reviews and Testimonials


Marcus O. —

I'm a massage therapist and I'm missing Michelle and her skills as a manual therapist!! When you meet someone who is as compassionate as Michelle, you know your going to get a 5 star massage on any giving day!! Do yourself and your knots a favor by making time for yourself. You have a therapist who is ready to give you her undivided attention for however long you need it. Moving to Maryland to receive pristine bodywork seems probable!

Kirby B. —

Seriously the best massage ever!!! And Michele has An insanely cool spot!! Love it and will never go anywhere else!!

Kim S. —

By far the BEST massage & facial ever!!! You don't know what your missing! If you haven't an appointment...I promise you won't be disappointed!!!!

Michelle you Rock!!! :)

Nora G. —

Great ambiance, awesome massage.

Kriss S. —

Absolutely amazing energy!!

Helen G. —

Relaxing and beautiful

Lisanne C. -

I love this place I feel like I'm in a castle with the exposed brick and ambient lighting...not to mention Michele is pretty darn amazing when it comes to her bodywork skills.

Sherry C. -

On behalf of the Womens Wellness Weekend at Camp Letts, we express our deep gratitude to Michele for coming to our event this weekend to provide complimentary massages to our participants. What great karma Michele has created for herself and her beautiful new spa!

Billie S. -

Just had a fabulous massage by michelle--she is the BEST!!!